An update for same-sex parents looking for surrogacy services worldwide.

In addition to our services description, please find our many resources about surrogacy for same-sex couples at our new hub Sensible Surrogacy for Same Sex Parents.

Thai-Baby_Sensible Surrogacy welcomes all intended parents who are looking to build complete families through IVF and surrogacy services!

Sensible Surrogacy consults and coordinates egg donation and surrogacy services that have been thoroughly evaluated and meet our own medical and psychological criteria. We leave nothing to chance, and arrange surrogate mothers who are always single but also have completed their own successful pregnancies. Qualified surrogate mothers undergo proper medical check-ups and preparation, are given dedicated apartments under the watch of on-premise caregivers, and with a full prenatal regimen of nutritional supplements, lifestyle adjustments, and medical examinations.

We are surrogacy parents ourselves, and have been in your shoes. We have spent months researching surrogacy options and comparing services and success rates. We agree it’s always smart to consider your options. As you look around, here are some questions to keep in mind…

  • 1. Are they Ethical?

    Does the agency treat their surrogates well? Do they arrange housing, 24-hour caregiver, and a doctor on call 24/7? Some services cut corners and expenses by sending their surrogate home to live during the pregnancy.

    Sounds fine, but most of these women live far away from the city and therefore would have no access to the medical care, and no way to reach clinic appointments other than long rides on public buses. Plus most have small children of their own — so living at home only causes more stress.

  • 2. Do they represent you, or their clinic?

    Is the agency owned by a clinic or financially tied to a clinic? Agents that are partly owned by a clinic often are more focused on the clinic’s needs than what works best for you. Although we work with an excellent clinics worldwide, we are completely independent. Our focus is not making money for the doctors, but making sure your procedure is straightforward and successful.

  • 3. Do they consult with you for free?

    Does “your agent” hold back important information until after you pay? There’s a lot of information you need to make a decision…. Some agencies won’t give you a straight answer on the important information you need unless you pay them upfront. This is a bad sign.

    We believe that the more information you have, the more likely you are to have trust and confidence in your representative. We will provide 100% consulting for you without any payment needed, for as long as you need to make your decision.

  • 4. Do they have personal experience?

    Does the agency really understand your point of view and what’s important to you and your partner?

    IVF and Surrogacy is a very personal and private matter. It’s important that the person who represents you is 100% on your side, understands your personal situation, has experience with the legal and personal obstacles you will face, and knows how important this unique opportunity is to your new family.

  • Please keep these in mind when you shop around. And please let us know what you find out.