Are you able to donate eggs for your surrogacy procedure?

Many women request surrogacy late in life, but the unfortunate truth is that after 35 years a woman’s fertility begins to diminish rapidly. For this reason, women over the age of 35 should carefully confirm their ability to donate eggs. Here is the process required to confirm that a Future Mother is also a viable egg donor.

IMPORTANT: An “average” egg donation retrieves 12 eggs, which may result in 10 embryos, of which 4 may be of very good quality. While it is true that a single embryo can result in a successful pregnancy, the reality is that the standard Embryo Transfer uses 2 embryos of very good quality, and has a success rate of 60%. For this reason, it is important for parents to understand the importance of a successful donation that provides multiple eggs and many high-quality embryos.

Page-photo-61) On day 2 of your cycle, you need to do a ‘Baseline Ultrasound’ (also known as a Follicular Scan). This is used to gauge the ovarian volume and an antral follicle count. The number of follicles seen is a strong indicator of the number of eggs to be retrieved.

2) Also on day 2 of your cycle, you will need to undergo a blood test to gauge hormone levels and overall fertility. Along with basic information, the scan should include fertility hormones including LH Hormone, FSH Hormone, Estradiol, and AMH hormone levels.

Note that If the FSH level on day 2 is more than 10 and the AMH level is less than 1.0, you would not be considered a viable candidate for egg donation. In addition, the clinic normally requires a minimum of 6 visible follicles.

After this baseline scan and blood tests are completed, the doctor will review the results and provide an evaluation.

Assuming you test positive as an ED (egg donor), the next steps will be to choose a date for your donation and the implantation of the surrogate. You will donate and the eggs will be immediately fertilized with your partner’s sperm. You should plan to be at the clinic for about 2 weeks to fully prepare you for the donation, and then make the extraction.

How to improve your Egg Donor scores

To help your chances of being a successful egg donor, you can begin taking these over the counter supplements well in advance of your medical evaluation.

> OvaCare fertility supplements as directed (
> DHEAS 25 mg tablets TDS (to improve ovarian reserve)
> Folic acid 5mg tablets once daily

Please check with your pharmacist or doctor that OvaCare is available in your area. If this brand is not available, we can look for a similar supplement.

(Obviously any potential donor should not smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs.)
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