5. Review your timeline & budget with your surrogacy agent.

Cost-of-surrogacy-explainedBefore you sign any contracts or pay any fees, your selected agent should walk you through the entire process, from the very first contact with the clinic to the completion of legal procedures in your home country. This conversation is part of the consulting process, but should be in advance of signing your contract. After all, the information provided in this part of the surrogacy process is crucial to making an informed decision on who will be represent you.

Your agent should be able to provide you the following, even before you sign a contract or make a payment:

  • Your surrogacy agent should provide a detailed budget, including not just the clinic fees but also all likely costs you will encounter – optional or non-standard clinic procedures, emergency medical costs, travel-related costs, etc.
  • Your surrogacy agent should put together a rough timeframe for the entire process depending on the specific options you choose and your preferred travel date to Thailand. This schedule may not be your final timeline (as you still have many decisions to make) but based on your desired travel date you should know approximately when major milestones will occur, and when major payments must be made.
  • The timeline is important so that you have a more complete understanding of the journey ahead. It is also critical to plan your own costs, and know when you will need to have funds available for large payments.
  • Your surrogacy agent may provide a hypothetical schedule that assume a specific start date, then the rest of the procedure timeline is based from that date. If your start date slips, the rest of the schedule can slip similarly and predictably.
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