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Gay Surrogacy

We are LGBT Parents Ourselves!

We are LGBT founded, proud same-sex parents, and gay surrogacy advocates worldwide. We are committed to secure, legal, and affordable solutions for gay couples looking to fulfill their dreams.

Gay Surrogacy familiesWe’ve helped hundreds of same-sex families through gay surrogacy programs globally. We have specific expertise and unique experience in the issues and obstacles that gay parents face.

We’re pleased to offer gay surrogacy programs that are both legal and affordable in either the United States or in Cambodia. And of course it is backed by the experience and reputation that Sensible Surrogacy has earned over the years. We draft all our programs to be affordable for all couples, and work individually to find solutions for all loving couples starting their new family.

In addition we are a friendly resources for same-sex couples looking to start families (see below). On this site and through our free consulting service we try to answer questions and find solutions for all couples considering gay surrogacy options. If you are a same-sex couple starting a family, feel free to contact us for a completely free consult and review of all available surrogacy options worldwide.

We believe all loving couples deserve the right to a complete family… and we’re here to help!

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We are surrogacy parents ourselves, and will gladly share our experience and expertise at no cost. Contact us now. We never charge for consultation, and will work with you with no obligation until you have all the information you need to make the best decision.
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We are very proud of our clinic partners in Mexico and the United States, and the unique opportunity we offer for surrogacy for gay couples overseas. Learn more about our Cambodia program or our affordable program in the United States & Mexico.

You can also download our price and services brochures here, with details on the costs of surrogacy for gay couples, as well as our services.

Gay Surrogacy Options Worldwide:

While North American and Europe have become increasingly progressive, not all cultures are tolerant of same-sex relationships. When considering surrogacy services, it is important to know where you will be welcome, and where you may find resistance or hostility.

Gay Surrogacy in the United States
The United States is the only global destination that supports commercial surrogacy for same-sex couples. Laws in “surrogacy friendly” states support surrogacy contracts and automatically name the signers as the legal parents. (Note that some other US states explicitly ban surrogacy contracts.)

With the closing of surrogacy options in bordering Mexico, new “cross-border” programs have been recently introduced in the US. These programs have IVF and Embryo Transfer procedures in Mexico at a low cost, then have the prenatal care and delivery take place in the United States (with a US surrogate and US doctors). Cross-border programs are still more expensive than other international programs, but much more affordable than a traditional US surrogacy program.

Traditional surrogacy procedures in the United States still cost about $140,000 USD, plus the cost of any emergency medical care for the surrogate or child. For this reason the US has been a popular surrogacy option only for wealthy same-sex couples. Cross-border options range from $75,000 USD to $95,000 USD. In some cases the programs also include compensation of local egg donors as well as surrogate mothers.

Gay Surrogacy in India
In recent years India has become increasingly conservative. The country issued guidelines that make it impossible for same-sex parents to perform surrogacy in India. These directives are being contested by the ICMR (the Indian Board of Medicine), but it is likely that the new directives will be in effect for many years.

Gay Surrogacy in Thailand
In recent years Thailand had taken center stage as the destination for gestational surrogacy worldwide. Unfortunately, a few popularized scandals involving surrogacy in Thailand have resulted in new oversights, restrictions, and a complete government ban on surrogacy for any foreign nationals.

New legislation impacts not just gay surrogacy procedures, but surrogacy for all couples. The law now enforces a total ban on any commercial surrogacy, or businesses that support commercial surrogacy. Altruistic surrogacy is legal, but is strongly restricted only to couples where there is a direct blood relationship between the commissioning parents and the surrogate mother. This effectively eliminated the possibility of legal surrogacy for all foreign couples.

Gay Surrogacy in Cambodia
With new restrictions on foreign couples traveling to Mexico and Thailand, many couples are now finding that surrogacy in Cambodia is the most affordable and secure option to start their new families. While surrogacy in Cambodia may not seem an obvious choice for many Western couples, the country is quickly becoming an international destination for those seeking surrogacy services.

Cambodia is especially popular with same-sex couples who were shut out of neighboring Thailand. The popularity of surrogacy in Cambodia continues to grow despite sporadic media reports about future legislation in the country. New regulations on surrogacy in Cambodia will likely be added eventually, but unlike other previous destinations Cambodia seems to be taking a proactive and forward-looking approach to making surrogacy safe and legal for both Future Parents and surrogate mothers alike.

Gay Surrogacy in Laos
Some successful IVF clinics restricted from performing surrogacy services in Thailand have opened up clinics in neighboring Laos. While surrogacy in Cambodia has become the more popular surrogacy destination for same sex couples, there are ongoing rumors of upcoming legislation that could prohibit surrogacy there. As a result, Laos is emerging as a possible alternative destination to both Thailand and Cambodia.

It is still too early to judge whether Laos will be a realistic or sustainable destination for surrogacy services. Most programs in Laos are only very recently getting under way. But with the perceived risk of Cambodia passing strict surrogacy laws, Laos is seen as a safety net for couples headed to Southeast Asia. Would-be parents many not intend to pursue surrogacy in Laos, but the option is there and makes surrogacy options in the region more comfortable.

Gay Surrogacy in Mexico
In January 2016, the State of Tobasco in Mexico became the most recent Mexican state to prohibit surrogacy procedures for foreign and same-sex couples. The move ended the possibility of surrogacy in Mexico for all but Mexican citizens with diagnosed fertility problems.

The sudden popularity of Mexico as a surrogacy destination was also a cause of some of its problems, which may have lead to the ultimate closing of the country to foreigners. There were widely publicized instances of fraud and corruption, as well as neglect of surrogates under the care of some disreputable surrogacy agencies.

Many Mexico IVF clinics expected a boom in surrogacy cases and so invested heavily in new laboratories and care facilities. Several of these clinics are now operating in partnership with surrogacy services in the United States to create “cross-border” surrogacy programs. In these programs the clinical procedures are performed in Mexico, while the prenatal care and delivery are all done in the U.S. The result is that cross-border US/Mexico programs can be substantially cheaper than traditional US surrogacy programs. This opens a new affordable option for surrogacy for Gay couples. Learn more about surrogacy for gay couples in Mexico.

Gay Surrogacy in Russia
We have all witnessed the alarming movement of Russian society toward intolerance of same-sex relationships. While many surrogacy clinics will claim that there are no legal restrictions on gay surrogacy procedures, the country’s increasingly anti-LGBT stance causes problems for same-sex couples requesting legal support to bring their newborn children home.

Gay Surrogacy in Nepal
With new restrictions on foreign couples traveling to India, many successful Indian clinics announced branch clinics to provide services for surrogacy in Nepal. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of that country placed a stay on surrogacy services pending legislation by the government to define and regulate the practice. The government has decided not to challenge the stay at this time, and so surrogacy remains prohibited for all couples.

Nepal emerged as a hub for commercial surrogacy in Asia after surrogacy was banned in Thailand and legal complications in India. Local clinics continue to hope that the government will eventually reconsider its position and pass the required legislation to make surrogacy legal again. However there is no current reason to believe this will happen soon, and in the meantime surrogacy in Nepal is completely impossible.

Gay Surrogacy in Ukraine & Georgia
Like Russia, Ukraine’s culture remains intolerant to same-sex or single parents. While gestational surrogacy contracts are legal, the country will only allow surrogacy for heterosexual married couples. Gay surrogacy is absolutely illegal in the Ukraine.

Republic of Georgia allows surrogacy contracts, but only for married heterosexual couples. Since 1997 gay surrogacy programs are officially illegal. Same-sex couples that pursue surrogacy in Georgia will likely find themselves quickly shuttled to a second-tier clinic in neighboring Armenia.

Gay Surrogacy in Malaysia
Malaysia, a Muslim-majority nation where Islam is the official religion, currently has a fatwa (an Islamic religious ruling) banning surrogacy. Although there are no civil laws addressing the use of surrogates, the possible influence of religious elements in the secular government opens concerns of an outright ban on surrogacy, or even criminal sanctions against surrogates and parents. Homosexuality is also considered a criminal act under strict Islamic law — making surrogacy for same-sex parents an obvious target.

The fatwa was issued in 2008 by The National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs, although it has not received much attention until recently when the rising popularity of surrogacy and the increasing number of couples who see surrogacy as a way for them to have children have been raising the issue and beginning to challenge the current law.

One representative of the Islamic affairs department of Selangor (Malaysia’s largest province) publicly raised concerns about the parental rights of surrogates. Islamic tradition holds that the surrogate is the mother and entitled to inheritance (as well as other rights). While IVF is accepted for married couples, the use of an egg donor is ardently forbidden because the child would be considered to be conceived out of wedlock.

Regardless of the ultimate destination you may choose, we are committed to finding solutions for same sex & single parents looking to fulfill their dreams. Contact us to learn more about gay surrogacy options for your new family.


Gay Surrogacy Resources

  • Family Equality Council Support Resources by Region
    The Family Equality Council helps connect families with parents who are LGBT and the local groups that support them. Many parent groups are locally-based, striving to create safe and inclusive environments for their area LGBT parents and families.

  • Male Couples as Fathers through Gay Surrogacy
    Study explores how gay fathers who become parents through surrogacy experience the transition to parenthood. Structured interviews were conducted with one of the partners in 40 couples that had conceived children via surrogacy.

  • Medical and Psychosocial Considerations of Gay Surrogacy
    A clinical guide by Yale University School of Medicine to counseling male couples who are considering gay surrogacy. The investigation explores the medical and emotional demands of the surrogacy process and on being gay parents in general.

  • Our Family Coalition for Same-Sex Families
    Our Family Coalition advances equity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) families with children through support, education, and advocacy.

  • Gay Parenting Demographics
    Research brief by the Williams Institute analyzes multiple data sources to provide a demographic portrait of LGBT parenting in the United States.

  • APA Research of Gay Parents
    The American Psychological Association’s report finding that existing research comparing lesbian and gay families to heterosexual families show that common stereotypes are not true.

  • Well-Being of Children of Gay Parents
    American Academy of Pediatrics reviews more than 30 years of research, concluding that children raised by gay and lesbian parents have resilience with regard to social, psychological, and sexual health despite economic and legal disparities and social stigma.


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