8. Who will be the sperm donor for your surrogacy procedure?

Bringing your child home from surrogacy overseas requires that the genetic father is also a citizen of that country. In overseas surrogacy, the surrogate mother is often considered the legal mother until a court procedure declares otherwise; so the genetic father has the responsibility to register the child’s birth, apply for the child’s citizenship and travel documents. It is not possible for a surrogacy procedure to be achieved using a sperm donor if the child will need to immigrate.

Page-photo-10If you are a same-sex couple, decide who will provide the sperm. One partner may provide all the sperm, or a gay couple may choose to divide the eggs and have half fertilized by each partner. In this case, one embryo from each partner would be implanted into one of two surrogates.

In the United States it is permitted for one surrogate to be implanted with embryos from two different sperm donors. In other countries (including in Asia) this is not allowed. To have embryos from each father implanted, the couple will need to hire two different surrogates. (Fortunately in overseas clinics two surrogates is still a much more affordable solution than only one surrogate the United States, and the likelihood of successfully having “twins” is higher.)

Anyone providing sperm will need a physical exam, medical history and sperm analysis. These tests need to recent, generally performed within 3 months of your sperm donation. You can improve the quality of your sperm sample with some simple lifestyle choices, which you read about in the Surrogacy Guide.

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